It's NOT just about the show.

After spending the hard earned cash on a killer rig, you do what we do, you fill it up. Yeah, we mean all those files, videos, pictures, PDFs, music, audio books and other stuff you've been accumulating over the years. Your collection is priceless and irreplaceable. 
Data storage health analysis

​Not all HDDs age gracefully and RAIDs can fail. We should do backups of all our 'stuff', but sudden and total failure is rare and doubling up on HDDs is pricey and space is limited. So we gamble ...


If things start to go sideways, Guardian's vigilant watch over your HDDs SMART logs and RAID status info simplifies recovery, by giving you timely notification of storage degradation, allowing you to replace or reconfigure to avoid catastrophic data loss. 

Maintaining a chill


Keeping your data safe is about maintaining your hardware. A top priority is keeping your HDDs cool. As Geeks we often put a lot of HDDs in our systems. We stack 'em up and they heat up. If that fan isn't really doing the job, who's to know?


With Guardian on duty, your HDDs temp is maintained at a proper range so your data is toasted.

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