Integrated cooling and lighting

HDD, CPU/GPU temp, load, receipt of IMs and emails and other system cues allow Guardian to give you unprecedented lighting options for your custom rig. The days of single color, on-or-off lighting in your rig will soon seem like a bygone age, dimly remembered.
Light it up
With Guardian's multiple independent LED channels and Spectrum's addressable LED lighting, you can stage a symphony of light on your desk that varies in color and intensity with a level of customization you may never have dreamed of.
Special effects

Guardian and Chromatron's integration of cooling and lighting control allows for the creation of unique lighting effects unique on the PC market.


Spectrum's LEDs are high lum for stunning effects. Guardian has many built  lighting effects are truly awesome! But you'll enjoy experimenting with all of Guardian's controls to create your own dazzling displays.

Game play and app interaction
More and more games are 'messaging' to host hardware. This allows for interactions with lighting, and Guardian and Chromatron are ready to jump into the fray!


Want your LED strip to flash blood red when you get hit? CPU fan heartbeat to pulse slower as your health diminishes? Exhaust fan to flash yellow when it's time to reload? Case lighting to pulse when you get an email or Skype message? JBOG is right there with you!

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