Who's this Bunch of Geeks?

We are a small but dedicated group of enthusiasts and men of action:

Paul - CEO and driving force behind the scenes  An inventor since he was 10, software designer, programmer. Leaves his wake on the Internet driving a six-monitor workstation. Grimaces when people ask "Why 6 monitors?"

Peter - Our programming Ace, master of languages and tools. Gets the job done in real geek style.

Ilya - Our hardware designer, FPGA specialist and Forther.

Dan - our man who can. Helps us out with getting our engineering diagrams to spec so they look great when they land in the box.

John - our product development consultant and monitor of geekness.

Olga - our marketing consultant, keeps us focused on how to get the word out without breaking our bank.

Sergey - our photographer, who faithfully made the outstanding videos for our website and Kickstarter project

​There are also our vendors, who have been there with ideas of their own, samples and encouragement.

And friends and others who have been supporting our efforts in small but important ways.

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